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The Complete Low Noise Drainage System

Astral Silencio low noise system is an innovative product made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene.This base material provides excellent mechanical and acoustic properties of Astral Silencio. Made with a high molecular structure, which enables absorption of airborne sound and structure borne sound. Sound energy does not spread over the pipe wall.


  • Outstanding noise-insulation values
  • Easy installation
  • High impact resistance
  • As strong as metal
  • Chemical resistance
  • No special clamps/hangers required
  • Extremely tough
  • Resistance to hot water
  • Smooth inner surface

Superior SWR Drainage System For Watertight Joints

Astral DrainMaster is a uPVC conventional drainage system for soil, waste and rain water. This system enables fast and efficient removal of waste without blockage and leakage. Its high impact strength, chemical and corrosion resistance ensures long life and virtually zero maintenance. Astral DrainMaster system is a preferred drainage and rain water system among architects, builders and plumbing contractors. The state-of-the-art machineries and virgin raw materials are used to produce Astral DrainMaster SWR system.

Standards & Specifications

  • ISI 13592, ISI 14735

Areas of Application

Astral DrainMaster Type A pipes are recommended for application in ventilation and rain water, while Type B pipes are recommended for soil and discharge.

Available Sizes

  • 7.5cm, 9.0cm, 11.0cm & 16.0cm


Strong and Light Weight Drainage System

Astral Foamcore pipes are basically multilayer pipes having outer and inner layers of conventional PVC and middle layer of foamed PVC. Outer and inner layers are designed to take the load while the middle layer of foamed PVC gives rigidity while maintaining the shape of the pipe under load. It reduces total weight of pipe and makes it light when compared to solid wall PVC pipes. The pipe is typical of solid wall PVC under load and the type of distortion is normally expected.

The Astral Foamcore pipe can distribute the load more evenly and does not show the same amount of distortion, as it has unique “I-Beam” structure. Due to its ability of absorbing the load, Astral Foamcore pipes are most suitable for underground drainage systems, where soil exerts a lot of pressure on pipe surfaces. In solid wall pipes, this soil pressure will rupture the pipe after some time where Astral Foamcore pipes give better life as foamed PVC layer will absorb pressure and make pipes “stress-free” in working conditions.

Standards & Specifications

  • ISI 16098:1

Available Sizes

Astral Foamcore pipes are available in 11.0cm to 31.5cm with different stiffness classes mainly categorised as SN2, SN4 & SN8. SN2 pipes are recommended for above ground applications while SN4 & SN8 pipes are recommended for below ground applications depending on the level at which these pipes have to be installed.

  • 11.0cm with stiffness class SN4 & SN8
  • 16.0cm, 20.0cm, 25.0cm & 31.5cm with stiffness class SN2, SN4 & SN8


Ultra modern underground Drainage System

Astral Underground Drainage products are manufactured using state-of-the-art production technology which provides comprehensive range of robust, lightweight and extremely durable drainage products with unparalleled long term performance.

Specially Developed Fittings and Adjustable Bend

Adjustable Bends are specially designed by Astral to suit the installation of inspection chambers. As the chamber inlet and outlets have fixed angle & position, adjustable bends can be changed depending on the requirement of the size. These bends are available in two different patterns one with 02 pcs (suitable for 5° to 37.5° movement) & 03 pcs (suitable for 0° to 87.5° movement). These bends eliminate the use of extra fittings and pipes to get the angle with pipeline and hence very cost effective.

Access and Rodding Points

Access is very important on all installations for testing, inspection, and removal of any blockage or debris. Rodding in both directions can be achieved by using a 315 mm or 450 mm large Inspection Chamber in conjunction with access fittings. Rodding points are normally used in storm water drainage systems where the rodding point is located at the head of the drain run connection to a chamber, and being no further than 22 meters away from the chamber. The rodding point should be enclosed in a concrete surrounded to provide support and ensure that it does not get mislaid at ground level.

Available Sizes

  • 110 mm x 1 mtr Long End. LH & RH both end caps
  • Astral Drain Hulk 500, 600, 800 & 1000 MM manhole are available in 5 inlet base & 3 inlet base options.

Inspection Chambers

Astral’s innovative design for 315mm, 355mm & 450mm bring unmatched flexibility to the underground drainage. The joints & seals are designed in such a way that they can accommodate the movement of connecting piece up to 3° in any direction. Astral also introduces the Drain Hulk with 500 mm, 600 mm Inspection chambers & 800 mm, 1000 mm manhole for public sewer lines.

Gullies & Surface Channel Gullies

A gully holds water like a trap to stop foul air escape from the drainage system. Its purpose is to collect waste water from ground floor bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms or rainwater from paved areas or roofs.

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